~ Our new after school childcare provision opening soon.

Home Learning

‘Learning Logs’ is a homework system introduced recently  at St Paul with St Luke, and we find it very effective.

Learning Logs:

  • Allow teachers to quickly and easily share weekly teaching objectives with the children.
  • Once set up the children then take the lead role in sharing and developing their knowledge and understanding and displaying this in a range of styles.
  • The learning log is not an in depth assessment tool but more of a snapshot of what your children have or have not understood.
  • In addition, we are offering something that children can take control of, actively engage with and take pride in.

Download more information about Learning Logs here

Dora’s home learning

Year 3’s topic was Chocolate.  At home, Dora researched the topic and wrote the report below.  This is a great example of how children deepen their learning by working at home.


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