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PE and Sports Premium

Primary PE and Sport Funding Statement for St Paul with St Luke

What is PE and Sports Premium?

In order to improve Physical Education in primary schools the government is issuing an additional amount of money to schools.

The funding is jointly provided by Departments of Education, Health and Culture and Media and Sport. It is given directly to the schools and can only be spent on sport and PE provisions including hiring specialist PE teachers and coaches, professional development for the teaching of PE, running sports competitions and sports clubs.

The aims for our school sports premium

  • For all children to benefit from high quality P.E opportunities regardless of sporting ability
  • Staff have access to training opportunities and CPD for high quality PE lessons and school sports for years to come
  • Make use of collaborative and partnership working
  • To ensure most able children are given the opportunities to compete in tournaments with other schools
  • For children to have the opportunity to participate in out of hours sports activities

For 2015/2016 the school was awarded £8981 which has been spent on the following:

1.     Provision of high quality PE lessons by a specialist primary school sports coach2.     Lunchtime sports club led by coach

3.     New PE equipment for all key stages

Teaching of PE has improved by all class teachers. Increased enjoyment of sport and PE and pupil achievement in sport. Improved football skills and fitness levels in pupils. Raised the status of PE and sports in the school. More resources to increase range of sports.

Ofsted May 2016 “Sports funding is used effectively. Teachers are trained by a specialist PE teacher to further develop their teaching skills. New equipment has been purchased and there are more opportunities for pupils to participate in sports competitions and clubs. The profile of sports has increased within the school”

For 2016/2017 the school expects to receive £8900 which will be spent in a similar way. More focus will be on training of teachers as the funding is a temporary source so it is essential all teachers are able to provide high quality PE lessons in the event that the coaching was discontinued by the school.

1.     To continue with high quality PE lessons by a specialist primary PE coach2.     Continue with the lunch time sports club covering various sports, not just focusing on football

3.     Introduce an after school sports club led by the coach


4.     Improve teacher CPD for PE

PE coach is continuing to provide quality PE teaching. Pupils fitness and enjoyment of sports is improving all the time 

The lunchtime club is introducing a wider range of sports as well as football


An after school multi sports club has been introduced and will continue focusing on a variety of different activities

Each term a different class has an additional PE session that the teacher attends to improve their teaching and knowledge of sports and PE lessons

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